Thursday, January 8, 2009

new beginnings?

well. here it is. 2009. this is a weird year to me, because i've spent a long time looking forward to 2008 and what it would bring. it's like i'd forgotten that the years kept going after 08.  now i don't know what i'm looking forward to in '09. what will '09 bring? well so far, it's brought me a fair amount of drama with boys. another ex-boyfriend, and a non-committal fling that has put the year off on the totally wrong foot. 
monday night i totally snapped the screen on my phone and couldn't see anything anymore. so after much calling to different customer service reps and such, my mom got instructions to have me send the phone, battery, and charger to new york where they would fix/replace the phone and send back whatever. i put it in the mail today, and have felt slightly empty all day long. weird how even though i couldn't really do anything with the phone, it was still reassuring to have it in my pocket. not that i didn't know i was addicted to my cell phone of course. meh.
this new semester looks like it will be a decent one. i was worried on monday when i realized i had 5 classes and 4 classes tuesday, both days going from 9 to after 4. but the rest of the week tapers off, and i think the work load will be manageable. 
well, i think i'll go to bed now. i'm slightly concerned that i don't have an alarm now that my phone died... this could be a problem. oh well i guess....