Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love sunsets. I've had two really awesome sunsets this summer. The first was in Idaho, in the Sawtooth wilderness area. Caleb took it on my camera as we were driving from red fish lake back to our camp. The second was out on Lake mead while boating with my cousins
These are my two favorite pictures of the sunsets.

i was thinking about sunsets the other day, and in a way they are kind of sad things. they mark the end of something, time passed that you can never go back to. i find myself wishing more and more often that i could go back in time and redo things. but time just keeps slipping past, every day a sunset symbolizing the fading of that day.

i guess i'm just grateful that the death of every day could be memorialized in such a beautiful way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LAYER ONE: On the Outside--

Major: fisheries and aquatic sciences
Current Location: Henderson, NV
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Righty or Lefty: right
Zodiac Sign: cancer

LAYER TWO: On the Inside--
Your Heritage: swiss, danish, south african dutch, english
Your Fears: being alone, making mistakes and having people know it
Weakness: guys
Goal(s): get a PhD
Regrets: meh
Change one thing about your life: can't really think of one i'd pick
Relieve Stress: nap
Hardest thing ever dealt with: parents getting divorced
What upsets you: people who are intentionally rude
Vent about something: "megan... how come people lie...?!?" haha

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow--

Your thoughts first waking up: ugghhhh nooooo
Your bedtime: 2 am? 4 am?
Your most missed memory: europe and boys of my past

LAYER FOUR: You’re picking--

Pepsi or Coke: water
McDonald's or Burger King: wendys
Single or Group dates: i hate dating
Lipton Tea or Nestea: gross
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: gross


Do Drugs: oh about every prescription you can imagine
Have a crush: i have a crush on every boy
Think you've been in love: no idea
Want to get married: yeah
Believe in yourself: less than i probably should

LAYER SIX: In the Past Month--

Gone to the mall: yup
Eaten Sushi: no, yuck
Gone skating: no, that sounds fun though
Dyed your hair: nope
Done something exciting: every day!

LAYER SEVEN: Have You Ever?--

Changed who you were to fit in: yes
Hid something from someone: of coures
Stole a note that you weren't tagged in: haha this is one i stole

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Old--

Age you're hoping to be married: an age that it is right
Age you're hoping to have children: an age after the age of getting married
Want to travel to: greece, australia, switzerland

LAYER NINE: Perfect Mate--

Best Eye Color: deep soulful ones
Best Hair Color: darker
Short or Long Hair: medium

LAYER TEN: What were you doing--

5 MINUTES AGO: facebooking
1 HOUR AGO: facebooking
1 DAY AGO: partying in vegas with tab and giulia
1 YEAR AGO: probably doing online classes wishing i could be hanging out with tom

LAYER ELEVEN: Finish the Sentence--

I Love: so much-- too much?
I Feel: content
I Hate: nothing at the moment
I Hide: in cupboards
I Miss: the past
I Need: to change

Monday, July 13, 2009


i have a new favorite song, i got it on a mix cd from someone that i'm still thinking about, so lonesome without, and can't get out of my mind. 

Burn- Ray LaMontagne
Oh mama don't walk away
I'm a goddam sore loser
I ain't too proud to stay
But I'm still thinking 'bout you
And I'm so lonesome without you
And I can't get you out of my mind

Oh mama don't leave me alone
with my soul sat down so tight it's like a stone cold tomb
Ain't it clear when I'm near you
I'm just dying to hear you
Calling my name one more time

Oh so don't pay no mind
To my watering eyes
Must be something in the air
That I'm breathing
Yes'n I try to ignore
All this blood on the floor
It's just this heart on my sleeve that's a bleeding
Oh mama don't walk away
You leave me here bereaving from the words so hard and plain
Saying the love that we had
was just selfish and sad
To see you now with him
is just making me mad
Oh so kiss him again
just to prove to me that you can
an I will stand here
and burn in my skin
Yes I will stand here
and burn in my skin

yeah caleb, i'm gonna miss you more than i'm letting you know.