Sunday, June 13, 2010

I had a really long post written out about this...

I decided not to post it though, because it was a bit too personal for my taste. Moral of the story: I ran into someone I was hoping I'd never see again and it was unpleasant and hopefully it will never happen again.

In other news, I am dating a boy. His name is Troy. No, he's not the boy from the "soulmate" post. I've had two people tell me that they didn't think the "soulmate" boy was really my type, and after not having heard from him in over a month... He's pretty much been forgotten about. I'm still curious about him not being my type though... I'm not sure what that really meant. I'm not sure what my type even really is. But I think Troy is my type.

And Missy, Troy doesn't drive a mustang. Or do anything else that might earn the label of Mr. McSketch. (Which is especially good since that's now the name of my house.)

McSketch is a very special kind of place. Complete with very special kind of people. Not to mention...
The slanted floors and doorways
(I think that the door is supposed to fill up the gaps within the door frame...)

Spiders! (this is a trap left by previous tenant)

But minus a large load of yard debris. And two giant boxes of in-house (mainly kitchen items) debris.
(A few hours work in the yard yielded this. Plus another two bags.)

This place hasn't been cleaned and taken care of in years.

Not pictured: one moldy shower and one bare pipes/no wall but insulation shower.

I'm trying to stay optimistic. Life is an adventure! And this place is just helping contribute to those adventures. We're making memories, right mom?

Picture proof that the sun did once shine in Logan!!