Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i'm done with school!!! it's officially summatime! and the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day! :) i feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. hope you all are as happy as i am :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this is me. procrastinating getting ready for the day.

i can not even begin to relate how excited i am for summer to be here. i am very much ready for lots of play and only moderate work. it will be warm and there will be so much fun and partying and i just can't wait. All that stands between me and summer is a biology final. luckily there are some pretty cute guys in that class that give me motivation to study. i would really like for it to get a little bit warmer too. today is forecasted thunderstorms and a high of 61. rats. maybe summer will get here tomorrow.

oh, and i have to move out before friday at 2. this is my second time ever moving, the first being when i moved out of my house into the apartment i'm in now. kind of pathetic i know. but i'm not very good at moving yet, but i should be after this! i'm
 super excited though, i am moving into an apartment for the summer where i will be staying with my best friend megan. she's the best!! 

the thing i am not looking forward to for summer is that this new guy i met is leaving for across the country this weekend and won't be back until school starts. but i have great hopes that this other guy friend of mine, who i have had a crush on for months now, will be interested in me and take me on all kinds of fun adventures with him. he's very good looking and i love being with him and his friends, they are so much fun. i realized yesterday that he doesn't really know that i like him, and that he only thinks of me as a friend, but it's been that way for months now, so i guess nothing is new. well, i guess i will finally go shower and what not now, since i've been awake for 3 hours. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

story of my life...

so this morning, i woke up and it wasn't because my phone vibrated. "*sigh* i woke up before my alarm went off again" i thought to myself.  i could hear my roommates out in the kitchen talking. "i wonder what time it is" thought i, as i reached up to pull my pillow back to see the clock. 8:58. i have a class at 9:00 on thursdays. "oh fetch!" i thought. so i jumped out of bed, and pulled open my drawers to get clothes. i quick changed. i opened the door, went to my bathroom and got my brush wet and brushed through my hair a bit. grabbed an applesauce from the cupboard, grabbed my backpack, phone, and jacket, and went out the door. time on phone: 9:01. now this is actually 9:03 by the clock in my bedrooms time. i got ready in 5 minutes! i sped walk from my dorm to campus, while eating my applesauce (no-spoon style, cause that's how i roll) and got to my class at 9:13 (9:15 by alarm clock). i think i should get a round of applause for pulling that off. luckily i had a break after that so i could come home and actually get ready for my other classes. 
today was a good day though. i looked fantastic (once i got ready) and i got a ton more compliments on my new haircut. 
today is also the 2 month-aversary of my current boyfriend. yeah, i just can't stay single for long. but i actually think we kind of broke up last night, so i don't know about that... but yeah. i am back to flirting as usual. and a very attractive boy that works in the lab i work in added me on fb. i love my life sometimes.