Tuesday, September 29, 2009

should be writing a 6 page essay!

i just have to write a quick blog though. my roommate and i are sitting in the living room in our usual spots on the couches--just like any evening. The window into the alleyway between the buildings of my apartment complex is open, and a chill breeze comes blowing through with an extra bit of crispness.

"it's raining"
says megan.

i already knew. i could smell it.

i love the smell of rain. it makes my heart long for those summer storms! this is our first official "autumn" rain. soon it will turn to snow. and for me, that means only one thing.

christmas lights.

86 days :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

should be... getting ready for school?

my stats homework assignment took an hour instead of the allotted two, so i figured i'd use the extra time to update. for starters, it's no longer summer. which is pretty depressing. school is going alright, minus the fact that i have 26 hours of it a week, and it's kind of overwhelming at times. it's tough to fit in everything you need to get done in a day when you have class from 9-5. luckily we're on the brink of a 3-day weekend, which will give me a chance to get on top of my to-do list (i hope).

i'm living in a new apartment now. it's alright--not exactly as awesome as i was hoping it would be but that's ok. i'm never really home, so it's not like i do much living here anyway.

classes (like i mentioned) are good, although 16 credits seems like a lot more time this semester compared to previous. but i'm taking choir and rock climbing, so it's not like it's all seriousness.

i've got a ton of stuff buzzing around my brain right now, but i need to go get everything together for the day, since i have recitation in half an hour and then have 6.5 hours of class straight!