Sunday, May 23, 2010

My heart is full

Today was an important day for me. It's too personal to really blog about, but I just had to get it off my chest somehow.

Things that are on my mind today:

Christ is my Savior. The Atonement is real. The Priesthood is truly God's power on earth.
And I am grateful.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Short heartfelt thought of the moment

I really should go to bed, but I just had to say.

I miss having a priesthood holder in my life.

I'm making a lot of decisions right now that are important to me, and I wish I had a male authority figure in my life who I could turn to and rely on to be guided by the spirit to give me direction on where I should go. I frequently find myself trying to fill this fatherly void, but there's really nothing like having the real thing. It was just this week that I realized that I actually had this empty space, possibly because I never did rely on my dad for counsel like I might have. It's days like these that I think that my life was probably more messed up than I realized at the time.

And with that, I am going to bed.

(for any who may stumble upon and read this and not know what I'm talking about, you might check out and get some questions answered)

(and as a short disclaimer, I am in fact happy and healthy and strong and emotionally sound, so don't anybody think I'm some wreck or anything. Just pondering is all :) with a little wishful thinking)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another year gone

Well it's the end of another school year. Finals week, moving out again. It's been an interesting year. I've learned so much.

I need to get to some papers I'm writing for projects due this week, but I just wanted to post the big news.

I've found my soulmate. (and no, I don't mean Megan)

He just doesn't know it yet.

This is the conversation I just had with my bishopric counselor about him. I feel it's hilarious enough to share here.


dear brother v

i have found my soulmate

(besides megan)


hello friend

what? Is he in Provo? I hope not




now you have started it, you must finish. Who is it?


his name is (edited for secrecy purposes)


serious? He's a great guy.


does he know that you have made this eternal connection?


no, i am waiting for him to realize how fantastic i am and fall madly in love with me


shouldn't be a problem

gtg to a meeting. Good Luck with the wooing of Brother (insert last name of soulmate here).

It's edited, obviously. So having been told that wooing him shouldn't be a problem, I'm ready to see what damage I can get done before he moves away for the summer. It will have to be continued next fall, unfortunately. But I am just ready for summertime right now! Most likely the next time I post (which will be the long awaited post about the people I met in Tijuana, just for you Missy!) it will be summertime.

Maybe it will have stopped snowing here by then as well (that would be super appreciated).