Monday, October 19, 2009

i don't feel like being responsible and doing the things i need to get done.

i guess when i think about it, that should be the title of every last one of my blog posts--it's kind of the story of every minute of my life. i really love procrastinating. sometimes it gets me in trouble. okay, a lot of times it gets me in trouble. i'm proud to say that i still manage to get (practically all) of what i intended to do, done (although possibly poorly done). my favorite thing is, when by a stroke of good luck, a deadline gets extended just when i need it.

i am in the library right now, because our internet at the apartment is on the fritz. unfortunately, i forgot to bring my charger and i only have 19% battery life left. so i'm torn between using that precious time wisely and getting done what i can, or not caring because it's such a short amount of time and just resigning to waste the rest of the power. i'm not even being very diligent in writing on this, and will most likely end up writing less than i intended to.

well i officially accomplished one worthwhile task. i checked how many days there were until christmas. 66. in case you were also wondering.

other things on my mind:
  • i wish i could dump my boyfriend. i am so tired of him. it's kind of sad.
  • hopefully my STATS 3000 teacher has the swine flu and won't be back to class for a very long time. the substitute today was a WAY better teacher.
  • i should have brought my fish diversity lab notes so that i could study for my test tomorrow. 7% life left.
  • i feel like traveling. i want to meet with my advisor to talk about studying abroad. i dunno if i have the drive to actually go through with something that daunting though.
  • every year, i get so excited to carve pumpkins. every year, after about 5 minutes, i remember how much i hate carving pumpkins and how terrible i am at it. this year was no different.
well, my roommate just asked if we should go now, and i figure we might as well. 4% left. and it's raining outside. maybe soon it will turn into snow and be christmastime. until then!

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