Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 in the morning rolls around...

i'm kind of getting sick of saying to myself "you should go to bed earlier". i'm ignoring myself just like i'd ignore my mom when she'd tell me that. now i know how my mom feels. weird. sorry about that mom. 

well tonight was fantastic. i went shopping with my friend, and i bought some christmas lights because i love love love christmas and can't wait for it to come. she told me i can't put them up until after thanksgiving though. maybe i'll twist her arm into a bit earlier. i also bought noodles and pasta sauce. so like maybe i'll have a real meal or something. or at least more real than i've been having lately. eating crappy and not sleeping haven't helped me get better at ALL. i've been coughing all night. i wish it would just go away, it's just annoying to me now. especially since all i can think every time i cough is "thanks (ex-boyfriend)". 
well after shopping, i went to my cousin's house and we watched oceans 13. i hadn't ever seen it before, but i highly recommend it! DEFINITELY better than the second one, and as high of quality if not higher than the first. and, as always, starring the fabulous brad pitt, matt damon, and george clooney. 3 of hollywood's finest, if i do say so myself. then we ran around town making movies, pretending to be ninjas, and playing with glo-sticks. yeah, we are that awesome. now i just have to figure out how to edit movies on my computer. i'm crossing my fingers that it will even work. i'd start it right now, but it's quarter to 4 and i have to be at a parade tomorrow morning at 10. huzzah for no sleep! :)

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