Wednesday, October 15, 2008

you never realize how much you need it until it's gone...

usually this heartfelt phrase goes out to something more substantial than a TV/DVD remote. but tonight, that's all i'm good for. we don't have a remote for our TV/DVD player. and it is such a pain! it would be easier if the DVD player had some functions on it, but it doesn't. it's stop and play. i never realized how handy being able to pause or fast forward or rewind was. and then there's having to get up and walk over to the tv any time you want to change the volume or channel. when i was at walmart the other night, we found this "Universal remote" that is supposed to work with certain brands, and both our TV and DVD player happened to fit those brands! so i bought it. well it doesn't work. freaking rip off. we are going to try newer batteries in it, and see if maybe that helps it. but i'm pretty sure it won't. so we are back to having no remote, after having our hopes raised only to be dashed. 
i'm not too upset about it right now though, because tomorrow (Thursday) is Friday schedule, and then it's a long weekend! i get to go home and play with all my old friends. i am so excited. there are about 10 people i have planned to hang out with, really the people from high school that i care about. i'm very much looking forward to seeing them again, it's been since graduation for most of them. i think i'm going to go pack now, and then go to bed. that way i can get out of here tomorrow as soon as my last class is done!

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