Sunday, October 19, 2008

did i take a step too far?

i saw aida this weekend at a theater back in my hometown. it was freaking amazing. like really. i cried. it's a fantastic show! that's where this blog's title comes from. i had an amazing weekend. hence not blogging this weekend. i went with my cousin to her hometown and played with all her friends, then came to my hometown and caught up with old friends... and ex's. it was just good to catch up with kids i haven't seen in several months. i saw wall-e finally. it's a pretty dang cute movie. i also went to my first haunted house ever. i'm such a wuss, i get scared so easily. i was way proud of how i did at this one though. okay, so there were parts where i had my eyes squeezed shut and just followed my date in front of me.
 you know while i was there, i was angry because the workers always walk past the guys and lunge at the girls. i was like what's up with that!?!? and the obvious answer is because they can't get the guys, it's the girls that scream. then i was thinking about it more, and i realized it is just a plot, because the workers know that the guys just brought the girls so that they would be scared and latch onto them!!! but then i was like okay, honestly, that's the only reason any girl would ever go too--is to have an excuse to latch onto a boy (we all know it was my reason) so i guess it's a toss. 

so i've been debating letting people know that i have a blog, so i can get some readers. but i'm still hesitant. but it just feels a little silly to be writing a blog that no one ever reads. oh well. 

i should be studying for my geology test tomorrow. hmmm. and sleeping. :)

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  1. hehe I went to a haunted house this weekend too! and it's so true, they always came at me because of the terrified look on my face and the fact that I was with boys. haha. I was scared which I didn't think I would be, but oh well. It was fun