Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cookie dough, brownies, and apple pie

the three things i ate for dinner. and it was probably a bad idea. it's not settling well with my already messed up digestive system on top of a way too greasy lunch and only a rice cake for breakfast. but i needed some comfort foods pretty bad, so i went for it anyway. i also watched three chick flicks in a row, which was probably not a good idea either. all those false expectations about reality and falling in love you know. it's just not healthy. i can't decide how much to put in this entry, because i haven't decided whether i want to tell any of my friends about it, or keep it secret so that it can be my true feelings and what not. because we certainly wouldn't want anyone i know finding out how i really feel, right? and since i have to teach a class lesson at church tomorrow, i should probably be going over that right now. most of all though, i should be sleeping. good thing i slept in today until 12:30, or i'd be pretty worked over by now. as if i'm not already worked over enough. well, i guess i'll get to that lesson now. au revoir

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