Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i feel like i have nothing exciting to write about

but i have the desire to write. even though i have nothing TO write. well i started this a couple night ago but then decided to give up and go to bed. i'll just finish and post it now. :)

i haven't posted in several days, so i'll quick write but i want to go to bed in THREE minutes! well i want to write about carving pumpkins. i carved a pumpkin with some extended family last week. carving pumpkins is such a stressful ordeal for me, because i am artistically handicapped and believe it or not, carving pumpkins requires artistic ability. at home, i would always lay out newspaper on the table under the pumpkin, but this time i didn't have that, and so i didn't have any way to sketch out a design before i started. well i ended up having my uncle trace a ghost. i decided to just like shave out the ghost shape, you know, like cool people do. i'd never done it before, but i wanted to be like the cool people. 

back to present time again. needless to say, the pumpkin didn't turn out as cool as i'd hoped. A) we can't have candles in my room so i had to light it with a glowstick, and it wasn't bright enough to shine through the ghost shape. B) we carved it so long ago, that now it is moldy inside and all slumped and decrepit looking. now i know why mom never let us carve the pumpkin until the very monday before halloween. right again. how does she do it? the world may never know.

i've had a boring week, which is sad since it is halloween week which is supposed to be full of parties. mostly i've sat at home. watching gilmore girls. i like gilmore girls, the characters are clever and witty and talk fast so it makes for fast paced humor and it just tickles my funny bone. and it's not super chick flick or anything, i dunno why more guys don't like it. 

i touched my toes in pilates today. yes, that was completely random. but other than that, i haven't accomplished much in the past few days. i feel lazy. and burned out. i think i'm permanently burned out. is that bad? probably. i wish i didn't stress out about everything all the time. i can't help it though. i always have a million things zooming around in my brain. i think that that is a large reason of why it takes me a good 25 minutes to fall asleep at night--no matter how sleep deprived i am. hmm... maybe i'm thinking about too much right now and that's why i can't think of something to write. i should do my reading for class tomorrow. 

my room has a lot of insects getting into it. i hate insects. watching gilmore girls today, i felt something on my sleeve so i went to pick it off, and in my fingers i realized it was a ladybug, and i flipped. ironic that my job right now is sorting insects out of river samples. those are different though, because they are dead. except yesterday, another person working with me realized that a fly in his dish was moving. it was way weird. we think it might have just flown into the dish, but like what are the odds of that?? i'd probably wet my pants if i came across a living bug in my sample.

well, i'm gonna call this good. maybe i'll do my reading now, and actually get to bed before midnight! .... here's to hoping.

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